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Zeitgeist - The Movie

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A great beginning point. This film actually inspired a lot of the writing of this entire album and although many of the views in the film related to pointing the finger have changed in my own mind, I think it is a great starting ground for anyone seeking an alternative truth.

View Part II - Addendum

View Part III - Moving Forward



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Kymatica takes the knowledge and information learned in Zeitgeist and puts a different spin on it, one that asks us to look within to the answers to our global crisises. The viewing of Kymatica provided an much needed shift in many of the lyrics on Brave New World from pointing the finger outward to solve all our problems to pointing the finger inward. Highly reccommended.

View the Prequel - Esoteric Agenda


TED Talks

TED provides our inside look to the genious of humanity. Everyday they post different topics that will not only inspire, but leave us in AWE of what we are truly capable. Below are a few of our personal favorites but please go to the TED website and explore the endless sea of brilliance.

Benjamin Zander - Music

Frank Warren - Half a Million Secrets

Sherry Turkle - Connected but Alone?


Sacred Mysteries

Sacred Mysteries is an transformational collective of artists and creators making films to expand our horizons in the modern age. About 7 years I viewed one of the most profound videos about Crop Circles that I have ever seen entitled "Star Dreams." the language and delivery is tasteful and easy to digest and The footage alone will expand your horizons. I loved it so much that I ordered all the Sacred Mystery DVD's and have enjoyed them extensively over the last 5 years. They touch on topics like 2012, Alchemy, Yoga and sound healing. Highly Highly recommended.

For more titles from Sacred Mysteries and for ordering info please click here


What the Bleep Do We Know?

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This film has been in the forefront of eye opening, mind expanding Metaphysical principles for years, if you haven't seen it, now is the time!

See the Sequel - Down the Rabbit Hole


Wayne Dyer's - The Shift

Ok, so, I know, some of these super spiritual movies can be chalk full of b-rate acting and parody, but, The Shift, changed the game. While retaining the deliverence of his third eye opening talks, this movie tells a compelling story while opening your eyes to YOU. And the acting is actually Great! triple thumbs up, not sure how that is possible but after watching a film like this you will believe it is possible.

Watch it on Hayhouse

Watch parts on Youtube



The Quickening


Iraq For Sale - War Profiteers




"Repair Your Own Mind For The Sake Of Earth Kind"
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