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Yes, we are all going to Die.
we can ignore it, or be educated. after all, the unknown is always the scariest thing...
Share you knowledge and experience of dealing with the loss of loved ones


DEATH and loss of LIFE

Here is an inspiring website with articles and information that helps deal with death of loved ones


What is Death?

Modern Buddhism suggests...


Take a quize and get some insight about your attitude and beliefs about death.


some people find Death scary, because they are no longer in controll.
If that resonantes with you, check out
where you can plan your funural...


You can pass your days in the shadow of death, or you can live your life to its full potential.
these links have inspired us.
What inspires you to LIVE?


Mitch Albom shares the true story of his Tuesdays-afternoon conversations with dying professor Morrie Schwartz. Slowly they walk us through the fundamentals of love, family and living life to the fullest.


live your life to the fullest, one minute at a time...






"Repair Your Own Mind For The Sake Of Earth Kind"
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