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Sharing the ancient wisdom of the Toltecs, Don Miguel Ruiz reminds us with the First Agreement to keep an impeccable word: Use the words in the most accurate way to express what we wish, and avoid misusing it by aiming poison at other people and ourselves. In the clearest and simplest analogies, he paints a picture easy to maintain in our modern day-to-day life.


Provoking Thought Podcast

Episode 10 - Words Create Reality



CHARMED LIFE: Words Create Reality (An Article)

“My word is my bond.” There was a day when that really meant something. Today we need contracts or a recording of a conversation to remind someone of what they may or may not have said. Truth was about integrity and building relationships on honesty. I’m not saying that we may be out-and-out lying, but our brain connects it as a truth....Click here to read the whole article.



An Article by Brittney M. Walker

There is a saying that goes, “Mind your words.” How and why that saying came about is debatable, but one revelation that comes from it is that words have power.

Yvonne Oswald, author of “Switch on Your Language and Turn on Your Life,” explains that language is a powerful tool in dictating the direction and outcomes of life. She speaks of clearing “low-energy” words from thoughts and conversation in order to tap into “high-energy” words. Low-energy words are language that feeds into a low standard of life ....

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